About Us

About Us

Welcome to The Potter’s Shop artisan’s gallery and pottery studio, where clay is our passion. Whether novice or experienced, our comprehensive selection of offerings ensures there’s something here for everyone.

Located conveniently in 1/2 block north of Sunset Drive, The Potter’s Shop offers 7,000 square feet dedicated to ceramics. We boast 16 pottery wheels, slab roller, extruder, spray booth, several electric kilns, a fully stocked chemical room, plenty of storage, and a teaching facility.

Our ever-changing gallery features an expansive selection of work from our studio members. Stop in often – you never know what you’ll find! From kitchenware to outdoor pieces and everything in between, you’re sure to find a one-of-a-kind gift for someone, even if that someone is you! And, you’ll be supporting the arts in your local community.

No matter your skill level, you can partake in and benefit from our diverse pottery classes. Never thrown on a wheel before? – try our one-time beginner class. Experienced and want to hone your craft? – we have more challenging courses for you. Looking for a memorable corporate event or fun-filled night out – we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll work around your schedule! And for the kids we offer birthday parties, scout events, summer youth camps, after school classes and more.

For the more serious potter, our studio memberships provide you with access to the fully stocked facility 24/7/356; discounts on clay and firings; and access to the full range of equipment – not to mention joining and connecting with a community of talented, creative artists.

As if that weren’t enough, we also boast Southeastern Wisconsin’s largest selection of pottery clay, glazes, clay studio equipment, and ceramic kilns. Basically, we have all the supplies you need for your ceramic studio or art program, as well as provide valuable services such as classroom workshops and demonstrations, and kiln repair and servicing.

So, whether looking to learn a new skill, for an enjoyable event, for a night out, or for a unique gift, come visit us at The Potter’s Shop, where we’re passionate about clay.

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The following potters take residence at The Potter’s Shop.

Jill k

Jill Kowalkowski

Stained glass and pottery have been my favorites for a long time. I do love color! Experimenting with different methods of glaze application, along with adding texture with coils, stamps, or slip give me the varying results of my work.


Taylor McD

Taylor Mcdarison

I am a multi-media and ceramics artist who’s work yearns to twist the viewpoint of reality through a window into the fantastical.



Maggie Flanagan

Many of my pieces take inspiration from natural elements such as plants or animals. I’m an animal behavior major at Carroll University so I enjoy incorporating my real experiences with animals in my pottery.



Carol Cantieri

I love the oceans and beaches out east as well as lakes and rivers in Wisconsin. The sense of water and movement is something that I try to create when carving and glazing pottery.



Mike Mcgilvra

It’s the most relaxing process to be able to take a ball of clay and make a functional piece of pottery. I am always learning new methods whether it’s throwing or applying new textures to the surface or applying new glazes.



Donna Krischan

I took the six-week introductory class at The Potter’s Shop. By the time the class was completed, I was hooked and realized that the medium provides unlimited possibilities!!


with aria

Vince Muehlbauer

Growing up, I passed a lot of time out in the forests of Wisconsin. Trying to capture the feel and texture of those woods in my pottery is what I’m currently trying to achieve.



Jody Hartley

I met Clay when I was in high school; it was love at first touch. But then, life got in the way and we were separated. Through the years, I would search out pieces of finished ‘clay’ but it wasn’t the same as manipulating Clay with my own hands.



Kristin Robran

Raised on a rural Wisconsin farm, I spent my youth continuously immersed in a beautiful natural setting. As time passed I developed a great love for collecting leaves, berries…



Julie Reed

After many years of working in the left brain world of technology, I was starved for a dose of right brain creativity. A day spent at a Waukesha art crawl, the chance notice of a “pottery classes”…



Lori Spiegler

I grew up close to the woods and by the water so I have a great respect for the fanciful and the sea at the same time. My sense of humor lends itself to some of my tongue and cheek creature outcomes.


Taylor McDarison

Mark and Cathee

Mark and Cathee have quickly developed a passion for pottery and a seemingly endless flow of ideas. Cathee’s line of “critters” and fish marry her illustration skills with her quirky personality and humor.


Melissa Flynn

Melissa Flynn

I’m working on finding my unique style by trying everything.  I like to find a balance between beauty and function.



Amanda Wiberg

I have fun making stuff that will put a smiles on peoples’ faces.
Hopefully I’ll make you smile!