Jody Hartley

I met Clay when I was in high school; it was love at first touch.  But then, life got in the way and we were separated.  Through the years, I would search out pieces of finished “clay” but it wasn’t the same as manipulating Clay with my own hands.  Many years later, when personal demands were less and I needed a distraction from work, I saw a sign, “Pottery Lessons.” I remembered Clay and how he felt in my hands.   Could it possibly be??  And it was!  And the passion was still there!  Now we are a three-some, most of the time:  Clay, the wheel and me.  Oh, it’s not always perfect but we are learning to ‘give’ to each other and are growing in the process.  I just cannot imagine life without Clay!
Jody Hartley is a retired hospice nurse and now divides her time between pottery and adventures with grandkids.   Her relationship with Clay continues to evolve.