Clay Sudio Memberships

Want to Join the Clay Studio?

Studio memberships are a great way to get involved with the clay art community. The Potter’s Shop offers a full experience pottery studio membership. The studio membership allows various benefits and rewards while supporting the arts in the community.

The clay studio at The Potters’ Shop is the only ceramic facility in Southeastern Wisconsin that offers 24/7 member access.  As a studio member, you will have the privilege of using the clay studio at all times of the day and night.

Members are responsible for clay, kiln firings and glaze.  We offer studio members clay and kiln firings at a discounted member rate.  Please call, email, or stop in to take a tour or inquire further.

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What do we have to offer?

We are a 7000 sq.ft. pottery facility located in Waukesha. We have over 16 pottery wheels, slab roller, extruder, spray booth, six electric kilns, fully stocked chemical room, plenty of storage, free parking, teaching facility… everything to get you into clay!

Our membership structure allows many opportunities to get involved.

Member events such as xmas party, raku firings,pottery sales and random gatherings.

Available Materials

One of the distinctive features that sets us apart from other clay studios is the ability to experiment and work in all options of clay. You do not need to purchase your materials from us; however, we do stock very nice, professional clays and glazes.

Click here to go to see our list of stocked clay bodies

Since we are a full distributor of all Laguna and Standard clays and glazes, we also offer over 100 other different clay bodies for special order.

What’s Included

• Full 24/7/365 access to the facility
• One shelf in the members studio and one in storage area
• Full use of equipment
• Larger allotment of ware storage
• Discounted member rate on clay, glaze and kiln firings

Due to the unsupervised 24/7 access our membership allows, the primary member must be 18 or older.

What’s Not Included

Clay, Glaze and Kiln firings

Kiln Firing and Fees

The Potter’s Shop kiln room consists of one 2.6 cu.ft., four 7 cu.ft., and one 10 cu.ft. electric cone 6 kilns.

Electric Kiln Fees:
$35 for a full load up to cone 6 in a 7.0 cu.ft. kiln for members
$25 for a full load up to cone 6 in a 2.6 cu.ft. kiln for members

Kiln loads need to be paid for in full prior to firing. Members are allowed to share kiln loads; however, a full load needs to be paid for by 1 member.

Membership Fees

$75/month *Paid in full or reoccurring payment on credit card required

Prior clay experience is required as the studio does not have teachers in members studio.

To start a membership, please call, email or stop in to setup a time to take a tour of our studio.