Julie Reed

After many years of working in the left brain world of technology, I was starved  for a dose of right brain creativity.  A day spent at a  Waukesha art crawl, the chance notice of a “pottery classes” sign at The Potters Shop,  one class taken and I was hooked on clay. On hindsight, I realize my love affair with pottery was always there – from my favorite art class in grade school, to what I purchased on every vacation for souvenirs, to the art I chose to put on the walls in my office;  all handmade pottery.

Inspiration for my creations comes from what I see in the world around me, fueled by experiences  on my life’s journey.  This has  led me to produce an eclectic collection – from organic forms that mimic nature, to post modern steampunk, to whimsical bird and toad houses, to tiles and decorative signs that celebrate life and family.  Clay affords endless possibilities and my idea list of what to try next will never cease to grow.