My name is Kimberly Ray. I moved to Wisconsin in 2008 from Florida. I have been into crafting pretty much my whole life; making a wide variety of projects in all sorts of mediums as gifts for my family and friends. I spent several years learning the art of Stained Glass, which led to a love of all things glass. I took a lampwork beadmaking class, which led to learning how to make jewelry so that I would be able to use all of the fun beads I had made. After a couple years of making jewelry for myself and friends and family, I had the itch to learn something new. I took a pottery class and was fascinated by the endless possibilities of things I could make either on the wheel or by handbuilding, not to mention the magic of glazing my work and combining various glazes to get new colors. I had always wanted to work for myself, but it wasn’t until I had the combination of pottery and jewelry under my belt that everything clicked. I quit my job at a local bead store and applied for several shows. My first full show season was 2012. I have finally found my dream. I love experimenting with both of my crafts and learning new techniques. I love making unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. I love playing with color. You will see all of this reflected in my endlessly changing body of pottery and jewelry available at the variety shows I sell at each year.

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