Lori Spiegler

My name is Lori Spiegler I moved to Wisconsin in the late 90’s. I have worked the last 30 or so years in technology but have always had something artistic or creative to come home to after work. I came into pottery not to long ago at the nudge of my best friend. I started hand building things after my throwing skills were challenged and found that the creatures would come to life as I build them. Each with a story of their own and unique perspective.

I grew up close to the woods and by the water so I have a great respect for the fanciful and the sea at the same time. My sense of humor lends itself to some of my tongue and cheek creature outcomes.

TPS is my home away from home I find my sense of community here. Everyone at the shop is supportive of each other and knowledgeable. I am forever learning from these amazing artists. I am truly grateful for their support and I hope to be around for a long time to come.