Adult 6 Week Beginner Hand building in clay


Adult 6 week class beginner hand building class

We will be hosting each class with safety precautions in place due to Covid-19.  Classes are limited to 9 students with social distancing, sanitizing all tools, equipment and classroom before and after each class.  Students are required to wash hands before and after class.  Face masks are encouraged at your own discretion


The Potter’s Shop – Hand Building Sculpture Class for Beginners

Time: 2 hours, one day a week, for six weeks.

Intro to Hand Building will be an opportunity for students to work with clay as an art medium.  Each student will become familiar with the basic methods of construction, decoration, vocabulary, as well as sculptural techniques.

Cost is $195 including all materials.

Learning Objectives:

  • Slab building
  • Coil Method
  • Pinch Method
  • Modeling
  • Surface Applications, such as:
    • Scraffito
    • Transfer
    • Stencils
    • Brush
    • Mishima

Day 1: Demonstration on Rolling out slabs (which will be class slab), pinching technique, and coil technique, Students rolling out slab. Build a paper construction of design for box. No more than 8 sides. The design must be approved by instructor before creation. Students will create one pinch and one coil vessel. Homework for students is to bring five objects for texture to next class.

Day 2: Demonstration on textures with objects students have brought in. Demo on slipping and scoring slabs together. Use texture to create decorative flat ornament. Begin construction on box.

Day 3: Demonstration on modeling clay for required application to box.  More work time for box construction.

Day 4: Demonstration on creating box lid and surface application. The rest is work time.

Day 5: Last day to finish wet clay. Finish construction, surface application, etc. so piece can begin to try and be bisque fired.

Day 6: Brief glazing demo with brush or dunking techniques. Bisque pieces returned and day for glazing. Piece must be completed by end of class.

  • Students will have created one decorative ceramic box, one pinch vessel, one coil vessel, and one decorative flat ornament by class completion.


We know practicing helps so each class includes lab time:

Starting with the second class, students can arrive 30 minutes early to warm up prior to the start of the class.  Class fee covers all tools and clay during class and 30 minutes practice time before class.

Add a studio membership upgrade option for only $35.  Studio membership upgrade allows students to access the studio during normal business hours for additional practice throughout the 6-week class.


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