Press and Slip Cast Molds Class


Date: Saturday, April 24th from 12pm – 5pm with hour lunch break

Cost is $65/person.  Pre-registration is required.

* 24 hour cancellation notice required to receive refund.

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Slip Cast and Press Mold Making – Lecture/Workshop

Date: Saturday, April 24th from 12pm – 5pm with a hour lunch break.
Note: Please bring an item to mold make. One face object. Original item could be damaged through mold making process.

CLASS PREREQUISITES: Some previous clay experience or have current studio membership.

Come learn how to reproduce your work in ceramic! Through plaster press mold and slip cast mold methods, artisans can easily create many pieces of art quickly. The method is used as a means to mass-produce a singular object. As you’ll find in the workshop, however, there are many types of uses for this process.

Students will have the opportunity to take in depth notes while observing a full demo of a mold creation, and also getting to try it themselves. The first 2 hours will demo creation and explain mold-making. From 2:00pm – 3:00pm participants will be dismissed for lunch to allow the plaster mold to set. The final 2 hours will be a hands-on exploration of press molds and casting slips. Participants will learn the following:


Learning Objectives:

  • Creation of 2 Part Plaster Mold.

o   Prepping Mold and Mixing Plaster

  • Releasing Agents
  • Slip Casting Methods
  • Press Mold Methods
  • Colored Casting Slips
  • Brief Discussion on Gang and Sprig Molds
  • Brief Discussion on Parts to Whole Sculpture


Participants Will Receive: One custome-made sprig mold. PLEASE BRING CUSTOM ONE-FACE ITEM TO WORKSHOP.


Cost is $65 including all materials.