Intro to Commercial Glaze Applications


Time: 2 hours, one day a week, for three weeks.

Cost is $125/person.  Pre-registration is required.

* 24 hour cancellation notice required to receive refund.


Time: 2 hours, one day a week, for three weeks.

Date: Tuesdays, April 10 from 6pm -8pm to April 24 from 6pm -8pm

Intro to commercial glazes will be an opportunity for students to test a multitude of glazing applications such as dipping, brushing, and underglaze. The class will test glaze varieties over dark and white clay bodies, as well as over textures on test tiles. Use of studio glazes and bisque-ware test tiles are supplied with course fee.

Cost is $125 including all materials.

Learning Objectives:

  • Glaze effects on clay body color and particle size
  • Variations of firing to different cone temps within electric kilns
  • Explore glazing techniques
  • Brushing
  • Dunking
  • Dripping/String
  • Spray
  • Underglaze
  • Wax Resist


Day 1: Short explanation on what glaze is, glaze safety and how it works. Hand out test tiles and short demo on how we create them.  Go over studio glaze choices and explain the differences in transparency.   Dunking samples will be created and fired for 2nd week.

Day 2: Demo on brushing, sponging, dripping/string, and wax resist. Class time to experiment with studio glazes and take GOOD glaze notes. Can opt to purchase new glazes 10% off as a perk of the class.

Day 3:. Unload kiln as a class and review results.  A small potluck together and explain why certain glazes finished the way they did and go over notes.

  • Students will acquire in depth knowledge of glazing applications and walk away with a library of test tiles for their own studio for future use.





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