Planter and Garden Stakes Workshop



Planter and Garden Stakes Workshop

Time: 3 hours, One Day Workshop.

Think Spring in this one time hand building workshop.  Each student will build their own coil pot for a planter and stake identifiers for your garden.  You will roll out coils of clay for building up the sides of a clay pot.  The maximum height will be 8”.   The option to put a label on the pot is encouraged.   As your pot is setting up we will make up to six garden stake identifiers.   Each one will be stamped and decorated as you want.

Students will have the opportunity to pick glaze colors or stains for their pieces.  All materials included, and workshop is encouraged for ages 6 and older.

No experience is needed.

Cost is $45 including all materials.

Learning Objectives:

  • Coil making
  • Slipping and Scoring
  • Slab rolling
  • Celebrating Spring’s arrival


Dates for the workshop:

Saturday, March 9 at 1pm


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