Laguna Premium Wax Resis


Wax Resist is a waxy substance used to prevent slips, engobes, or glazes from adhering onto the clay body or a prior coating of slip, etc. It is especially helpful in keeping glaze from adhering to a pot’s foot, and in the case of a lidded jar, from keeping the areas the lid and the jar meet free from glaze.


Wax Resist is an emulsion created to repeal underglazes & glazes applied over it. The wax is burned off during firing, revealing the designs or base colors. Wax Resist will also help prevent chipping or peeling of color when creating a sgraffito (SGRAFFITO is a term used to describe a technique of ceramic decoration that involves painting a coat of a colored slip onto a leatherhard pot, and then carving through the slip to reveal the clay color below) designs through opaque underglazes. Here’s how to sgraffito 1. After your piece has reached leatherhard, and you have finished trimming it, paint a coat of slip onto the pot while it is centered and turning on the wheel. Do not paint the rim. Then invert the pot and repeat the procedure on the back side. Do not paint the bottom edge of the footring. 2. Allow the slip to dry to the touch, and repeat step one, by adding a second coat of the same (or a different) slip to the inside and outside of the pot. 3. Allow the slip to dry to the touch again. It will take longer this time. Be careful in handling the piece now, as it has absorbed water from the slip and will be softer and more easily distorted! 4. After the second coat of slip has dried to the touch, you may begin to carve designs. You may band circles onto the pot while it is centered and spinning on the wheel, or just free hand carve, or both. Designs may be lightly carved at first with a needle tool so that changes can be made. If your design is one that repeats symmetrically, it is best to outline a grid on the pot before carving. This will be demonstrated for you. 5. After carving is complete, put the piece on the greenware carts for drying and bisque firing. 6. After bisque firing, glaze the piece simply with a transparent or semi-transparent glaze so the carved design will show through.


Note: Wax Resist will be damaged if frozen. Therefore, we suggest caution if ordering for shipment to cold regions during the Winter seasons.

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