Amaco Potter’s Choice High Fire Glazes


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Amaco Potter’s Choice High Fire Glazes

The Potter’s Choice glaze series are designed with the potter in mind! These stunning glazes add fluid colors and effects to smooth or textured ware, with optimal results at Cone 5/6.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 5.5 in

PC-01 Saturation Metallic, PC-02 Saturation Gold, PC-04 Palladium, PC-09 Vintage Gold, PC-10 June Bug, PC-11 Blue Spark, PC-12 Blue Midnight, PC-15 Satin Oribe, PC-16 Purple Crystal, PC-17 Honey Flux, PC-20 Blue Rutile, PC-21 Arctic Blu, PC-22 Blue Stone, PC-23 Indigo Float, PC-24 Sapphire Float, PC-25 Textured Turquoise, PC-26 Blue Lagoon, PC-27 Tourmaline, PC-28 Frosted Turquoise, PC-29 Deep Olive Speckle, PC-30 Temmoku, PC-31 Oatmeal, PC-32 Albany Slip Brown, PC-33 Iron Lustre, PC-34 Light Sepia, PC-35 Oil Spot, PC-36 Ironstone, PC-37 Smoked Sienna, PC-38 Iron Yellow, PC-39 Umber Float, PC-40 True Celadon, PC-41 Vert Lustre, PC-42 Seaweed, PC-43 Toasted Sage, PC-44 Sage, PC-45 Dark Green, PC-46 Lustrous Jade, PC-47 Emerald Falls, PC-48 Art Deco Green, PC-49 Frosted Melon, PC-50 Shino, PC-52 Deep Sienna Speckle, PC-53 Ancient Jasper, PC-55 Chun Plum, PC-56 Ancient Copper, PC-57 Smokey Merlot, PC-58 Tuscany, PC-59 Deep Firebrick, PC-62 Textured Amber Brown, PC-63 Cosmic Tea Dust, PC-64 Aventurine, PC-65 Black Aventurinte, PC-66 Cosmic Oil Spill, PC-67 River Rock, PC-70 Copper Red, PC-71 Flambé