Dirty Girl Throwing Bats

The master bat has pin hole cutouts, and lift tabs that make it easy to remove from the wheel head  The master bat is water resistant, making it a great tool for forming wet clay,  easy cleaning and drying. However, it should not be left in water as it will be damaged with long-term exposure. The durable exterior grade wood material is perfect for shaping and forming thrown clay.

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In order to extend the life of your Dirty Girl bat, proper care is very important. This applies to all wood-sources bats.

We recommend cleaning your bats after each use. and storing the bats horizontally

Available in two sizes:



– 3/8” thick.
– Extremely strong.
– Handles clay like wood or Masonite.
– Water and warp proof.
– Will not degrade like particle board.
– Will not shrink, swell, or delaminate.
– Drilled with 10” spacing.
– Oversized, will hang 1/2” over your wheel head for easy removal.


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