Taylor McDarison

I am a multi-media and ceramics artist who’s work yearns to twist the viewpoint of reality through a window into the fantastical. Having grown up on a small farm, my upbringing gave to me a passion for nature and the organic aesthetic with which it is infused. Long, delicate lines speak to a temperament of whimsy. That mischievous yet jovial energy is the fuel from which I create. Alongside this idea of fantasy or oddity, my inspirations are researched from lore around the world. With this in mind, my work oftentimes reads rather surreal and dark.

I work out of The Potter’s Shop (TPS) for the community, feedback, idea sharing, and supplies. This is such a talented, well informed, warm bunch of creatives. I’m proud to work alongside them, and to stock materials from a local, small business shop that I know has quality products. Plus our shop dog Aria always puts a smile on my face while I work!
Taylor McD